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Chattanooga Rugby Football Club "NoogaRugby" has been around since 1978. This past decade we've been the premier team in the region winning 5 straight division titles from 2013-2017, and we're hosts to the largest social 7s tournament every July called Pitch-a-Tent.

If you're new to rugby or just new to the area, we are excited to meet you! Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9pm we practice at Montague Park. New players are showing up constantly, so you won't be the only one who "doesn't know the rules" (<---click this link). Come on out!

Divison 2: Competitive; Experienced; Champions.


Division 3: Newer players; Playoff contenders back-to-back years.

Savannah Recap

Every year the boys and the WAGs (Wives And Girlfriends) head down to sunny Savannah for the St. Patrick's Day Tournament, and every year we have a team "theme" for us all to dress up and play the part. This year the theme was "Havana in Savannah" see below for the night shots! It's a big tournament with a great turnout, and we always enter into the "social" division so we can get a run in without taking it too seriously. This year we messed up though and our match secretary accidentally overlooked putting in a team, so we showed up just to "whore out" and enjoy the weekend away! Unfortunately, our teammate Abner Casavant broke his collarbone a few minutes in, but he still stuck out the week

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"They welcome anyone to just show up and learn, even if they've never touched a rugby ball"  --- Newbie

"It's a great group of guys who each have their own lives, own ways, and own s#!t wrong with them, and we love it! We accept it and appreciate it, and although we'll call you out for yours, you'll start to own your flaws and grow as a man.......We also party too and that helps the bonding" --- Oldie

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