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Chattanooga Rugby Football Club "NoogaRugby" has been around since 1978. This past decade we've been the premier team in the region winning 5 straight division titles from 2013-2017, and we're hosts to the largest social 7s tournament every July called Pitch-a-Tent.

If you're new to rugby or just new to the area, we are excited to meet you! Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9pm we practice at Montague Park. New players are showing up constantly, so you won't be the only one who "doesn't know the rules" (<---click this link). Come on out!

Divison 2: Competitive; Experienced; Champions.


Division 3: Newer players; Playoff contenders back-to-back years.

Goals and Rules under HCAFACCM

In the previous post (As One Door Closes), I introduced Chris Martin as our Head Coach (and Former Assistant Coach) and explained that we agreed to a few terms and amendments to the way we've done things in the past. Below are the terms: GOALS: Red Side: South Final (Sweet 16) Black Side: True South Final (Top 64) HCAFACCM has agreed to a shower party for each of the above goals RULE 1: Don’t be a Dick RULE 2: No drinking before or during a rugby match We are grown men. Coach will not micromanage and check-in with players, so police yourself and your teammates. If you are hungover you can still play (known as the “Hangover Clause”) but if you cannot “be in control of your decisions and your

As One Door Closes. Introducing Our New Coach

Thank you to all who were able to make it to the meeting over Memorial Day weekend; if you were unaware we recent lost our head coach, Jeff “Copper” Bollig, to retirement. He built up a great platform for our future success by implementing new ideas, different practice styles, and a whole new revamped offense, and as players we got together to discuss our next candidate and what our future will look like with him at the helm. “A coach cannot want something more than the team does. Otherwise, the expectations are too high, and the training is too hard to retain that club’s type of players.” Whenever a new coach takes over he is always faced with the natural response from his new team of “well

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"They welcome anyone to just show up and learn, even if they've never touched a rugby ball"  --- Newbie

"It's a great group of guys who each have their own lives, own ways, and own s#!t wrong with them, and we love it! We accept it and appreciate it, and although we'll call you out for yours, you'll start to own your flaws and grow as a man.......We also party too and that helps the bonding" --- Oldie

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