NoogaRugby's 3rd Annual
Horse Paddy Poop Drop

🏇 💩 



May 1, 2021

Montague Park Rugby Pitch

1:00pm - during the 2nd match of the day

1100 E 23rd St, Chattanooga (By Sculpture Gardens)

3 matches are happening as well:
11:00am Nooga Queens
1:00pm Nooga Red v Nashville A
3:00pm Nooga Black v Nashville B
Ticket sales are now closed
🏇 💩 (Horse Poop) Bingo!!

$20 per square.

$500 prize.


How it works:
  • Buy as many $20 squares as you want,

    • We are a 501©3 non-profit so you can claim this off your taxes next year

  • We bring a horse🏇 to our rugby pitch and set up a make-shift paddock (Image below).

  • We paint squares on the ground inside the paddock, then assign your square(s) randomly throughout.

  • We let the 🏇 loose, and if he in turn lets loose on your square 💩, you win $500!

    • You do not have to be present to win!

      • Someone in Issaquah, WA won in 2018!


Thank you to all who bought tickets

But wait, there's more!

There's plenty more going on!

Rugby Match:

The Poop Drop will precede our home rugby match against Nashville RFC.

Neighboring rivals Nashville come to town for a True South Rugby divisional matrix match.

Kickoff at 1pm on 5/1.

They are bringing their 2nd team also, kickoff at 11am.

Lawn Games:

We always try to provide an atmosphere and not just a match. Here are some games we have going on!

    - Spike Ball

    - Beersbe --- (Bottles and Frisbees - you'll love it)

          BYOB. Be safe. Bring cups. Don't be a D**k: Be of age to drink.

    - Chuck-it toys for the dogs

            We are pet friendly! Just pick up after 'em please!

    - Bring any game you want, just come join us!

And finally...


Pics of the Horsie


The horse roams free when he's released into the paddock.

This one will be there for free rides … and to drink with us

   --- if you bring a dog, please keep it on a leash

   --- if you bring a kid, please keep it safe


Pics of 2018's horse