How to Join

If you want to join NoogaRugby just come on out!


We have practices every Tue/Thu from 6-8pm and always welcome newcomers. If you've never played before, many of us hadn't! Come on out, we'll teach you the rules, how to play, and will keep you safe and groom you until you're ready to go into action.


There are no tryouts or applications, by simply showing up, learning, and playing on our B team (Black Side) you'll get experience and our coach will evaluate and promote you to our A team (Red side) when he sees you're ready.

All of NoogaRugby is super fun and social, you'll have a blast no matter what team you're on. Showing up is the first step to your rugby career with NoogaRugby, so come on out!

Contact Us

Please let us know if we can help in any way.

Call: Kyle Hudson (Talent Acquisition Manager) 423.771.2950