We have now confirmed the dates, flights, and the hotels. The only things left to confirm are the social activities........but that won't get settled until June or July.

The club will depart on Saturday, September 30th from Atlanta on Southwest Airlines. We will fly non-stop to Las Vegas and spend Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night in Las Vegas. We will fly home on Tuesday, October 3rd. During our stay in Las Vegas, we'll stay at the Luxor Hotel.

The costs are now set and will be $470 per person.

Flights Saturday, September 30th, Southwest Flight 40 Departs from Atlanta - 6:40 AM Arrives in Las Vegas - 7:55 AM

Tuesday, October 3rd, Southwest Flight 4173 Departs from Las Vegas - 11:40 AM Arrives in Atlanta - 6:35 PM

Hotel The Luxor Hotel ( 3900 S. Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89119

Activities Once we book the hotels, we'll start working on our tour activities. This could include:

  • A rugby game.

  • A champagne breakfast

  • A happy hour

  • A group dinner

Costs / Payments: As noted above, the costs are now $470 per person. This will cover your flights to / from Vegas, your hotel, and a few extras (probably a happy hour or a champagne brunch). It will not cover your food, drinks, or gambling. That's on you! Also, keep in mind this price is for a four (4) person room. If you want a room to yourself or to share with your significant other, it will be quite a bit more.

Here is an updated payment schedule for the tour. Because it took so long to get everything finalized, we need to start collecting the payments as soon as possible. Therefore, if you want to go, you need to register and pay the initial, non-refundable, deposit by April 10th. Pay online at or through at

Payment 1 = $100 (non-refundable), due by April 7th Payment 2 = $100, due by May 5th Payment 3 = $150 due by June 2nd Payment 4 = $120, due by June 30th

Confirmed Tour Members: 1. Kirk Neubauer ($200) 2. Annette Neubauer ($200) 3. Austin Zambrano ($100) 4. Ethan Winel ($200) 5. Eric Martin ($350) 6. Dreama Martin ($350) 7. Tim Mayberry ($50) 8. Stephanie Mayberry ($50) 9. Joey Giamportone ($350) 10. Jeff Bollig ($350) 11. Camilla Bollig ($350) 12. Derek Hilley ($350) 13. Molly Jones ($350) 14. Jack Head 15. Pat Flynn ($350) 16. Taylor Flynn ($350) 17. Kyle Hudson ($200) 18. Andrew Gotliffe ($350) 19. Stephanie Jenson ($350) 20. Lyall Harrison ($350) 21. Kayle Natale ($350) 22. Daniel Tardy ($350) 23. Jeff Hall ($200) 24. Mark Smith ($200) 25. Teodor Radovic ($300) 26. Mike Flynn ($100) 27. Jake Richardson ($300) 28. Abner Cassavant ($350) 29. Scott Smith 30. Paige Smith 31. Matt Herd ($350)

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