Double Domination

On Saturday NoogaRugby hosted our first two True-South matrix matches against Gadsden and Nashville and both teams showed up to play.

The depth chart for our black side was great! We have had numerous new players show up this season but what's different this year from previous years is these men have stuck around and the cohesion from practices showed today against Gadsden. Teaching new players how to play rugby is the difficult art of rugby and Coach Jeff "Copper" Bollig has implemented a fantastic system that experienced and novice players alike have all taken to, and it showed today with our black side's performance.

After the black side match concluded the red side kicked off against Nashville. Last season these squads split their two matches with each team winning on the road, but last season at the Christmas break Nashville was leading the entire True South until Nooga soundly handed them their first loss and sent them on a losing streak right out of the playoff hunt. Today's match seemed to pick right back up from last year's with Nooga's offense exploding and the defense suffocating Nashville's attack --- if only we had some highlight tapes to show you the carnage.

Thank you everyone for coming out to support us, the fan base continues to grow even on College Football Saturday!

Final scores for the day

NoogaBlack vs Gadsden: 55-7

NoogaRed vs Nashville: 38-14

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