Club Shout Out: Memphis

Memphis. What a city.

This small organization ( started a little while ago to try and help inner city youths get away from the negative influences and it has impacted both the region and the game in a great way! People are copying what they did across the country and we in Chattanooga are the feeling the impact directly through their men’s club. The youth grow up, have a better chance of going to college (because they focus on education as well as rugby) and whether they go to college or not, they tend to join the men’s club when they’re eligible. They now are a threat! We met the Memphis Blues in the playoffs and they almost upset us last spring and we anticipate them coming with added reason to play and predict this match-up tomorrow is going to be worth watching!

We have the utmost respect for Memphis rugby and the city as a whole. We support and are behind you as a city Memphis. Keep rugby going, keep your members growing!

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