Earning It Back

You might think that giving out wristbands is such a small thing, but it's gone such a long way with our team!

When coach Jeff "Copper" Bollig came back on the scene as Head Coach of NoogaRugby 2 full seasons ago, he brought wristbands with him as a way to wear our season's motto wherever we went.

Year 1: Defend the Throne.

Year 2: Elevate.

Year 3: Earn it.

"Defend the Throne" was his first season's outlook as we had just won 4 straight True South championships, and were looking for a 5th. We ended up winning that 5th straight, (making it 6 of 7) but we weren't able to escape the South playoffs.

In season 2 of Copper's reign, he used the championship win and following round loss to remind us that we still have room to improve and gave us "#Elevate" wristbands to wear. We had a great season and started making his new offensive gameplan work! We all understood what he wanted and elevated ourselves to his level of expectation and ran through our conference...until the playoffs. In the True South playoffs we overlooked our opponent, played down a man 3 times in one match, and lost in the final minute when we allowed a break away try for the win, and ending our win streak of True South championships.

In the 3rd year - this current season - Copper noticed that we were all getting quite complacent in our rule of the True South and that showed in our preparation. We didn't show up how we normally show up, we over looked a worthy opponent, and we thought it'd just come to us. He reminded us that this season we have to "Earn It" and that the championship won't simply be handed over to us.

Now, as we enter into the spring season, we have a streak of home matches on the schedule and would love your support to see us through.

Set your calendars to match ours and come support us or join us as we Earn It back.

Most of our matches this spring are home matches, so come out and support the boys as we prepare for the spring run and earn our way back to True South Champions.

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