WATCH: The Best TrueSouth Match Ever

Day 1 of the 2019 True South Championship weekend pitted the same 4 teams from the 2018 Championship weekend against one another in repeat fashion. Nashville played Birmingham, and NOLA played Nooga again, in what Nooga's Coach "Copper" Bollig is calling "The best TrueSouth match that's ever been played."

The match between NOLA and Nooga was a clash of titans as Nooga has won 6 titles this decade (5-straight at one point) and NOLA is the only other TrueSouth team to have claimed back-to-back titles since 2010.

Last year, 2018, NOLA stole victory from Nooga as they were able to make a break and score after time had expired to win by 2 points. This year there was a try after time expired again, and below is the link to the phenomenal match between Nooga and NOLA, which turned out to be the [unofficial] championship match as the winner of this match trounced the other winner on Day 2 to win the 2019 TrueSouth Title.

Click here to watch the full match shot on a SoloShot camera: The Best True South Match, Ever Played

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