Goals and Rules under HCAFACCM

In the previous post (As One Door Closes), I introduced Chris Martin as our Head Coach (and Former Assistant Coach) and explained that we agreed to a few terms and amendments to the way we've done things in the past. Below are the terms:


  • Red Side: South Final (Sweet 16)

  • Black Side: True South Final (Top 64)

  • HCAFACCM has agreed to a shower party for each of the above goals

RULE 1: Don’t be a Dick

RULE 2: No drinking before or during a rugby match

  • We are grown men. Coach will not micromanage and check-in with players, so police yourself and your teammates.

  • If you are hungover you can still play (known as the “Hangover Clause”) but if you cannot “be in control of your decisions and your body and are a liability to yourself and/or others” then you cannot play.

  • If one person can tell you’re drunk, we can all tell you’re drunk and you won’t play.

  • The main issues for this drinking policy are:

  • 1- safety of all players (yourself, teammates, and opponents), but also

  • 2- how unclassy it is to be “that team.”

  • Whether you show up drunk/drinking and whoop a team, or you show up drunk/drinking and get whooped, you look unclassy and you disrespect your opponents while putting people at risk of injury.

  • We also will not play against anyone who is drunk.

  • How this applies to:

  • Pitch-a-Tent

  • PAT is our free pass.

  • Pitch-a-10s

  • Coach conceded and allowed us to do a shotgun before a match at PA10s only.

  • He agreed to our counter terms and will shotgun one as well.

  • Savannah

  • No drinking before, during, or between matches.

  • Drinking after your final match is still allowed even if before a Sunday match, however, the “Hangover Clause” above applies to Sunday morning.

  • Fall Tour

  • We will still party on our way to our destination, but we will no longer play a match on travel day.

  • Match will be scheduled for the following day, again, see “Hangover Clause” for this situation.

  • Understandably, we agreed to these terms.

RULE 3: If you want to play for another team (whore/select side), you have to converse with the team

  • We all know opportunities will arise to get a run in with another squad, but you are to communicate whatever is going on with the team/leaders.

  • If we have a big match in a week and someone requests to go to a random tournament that could put them in a position of risk and hurting our team the following week, we will all discuss what’s best for everyone.

  • The plan is not to limit exposure to higher competition and scouts if someone wants to further their rugby.

  • For the most part, there aren’t many circumstances this will be an issue, but just be open with us all so we can talk it out.

  • There is a lot of grey here, and so we all agreed to “communicate what is going on with the coach and leaders” and allow us to collectively discuss and come to an agreement

RULE 4: Practice Schedule

  • We will continue to practice 7-9pm on Tuesday/Thursdays.

  • Warm ups will be run by captain(s) and set by coach.

  • 3 of every 8 practices, players will be required to stay back and work on super specific individual/unit drills

  • Examples:

  • Deliberately wheeling a scrum

  • How to stay safe

  • When to use it

  • Who needs to do what, etc.

  • A grubber attack on the short side of the field

  • What to look for

  • When to call it

  • Who does what when we call it, etc.

  • Etc.

  • The days we’re required to stay back will be announced well in advance so you will know when to plan to stay back and for what purpose.

  • If you cannot, then that’s a shame. Do what you can with the early notice provided to plan around it.

  • We have agreed to try it out for the fall semester and address the success at the Christmas break.

RULE 5: Attendance is Required

  • In order to have 2 sides advance to the playoffs and hit our goals, we have to have 30 at practice and 50 CIPP’d players at all times.

  • Commitment to the fall season is a must, we can’t have people only show up to the spring for playoffs, we will miss out on a great deal of developing and growing together.

  • We still have the 1 practice/week minimum rule if you want to play in that week’s match.

  • Coach will announce the lineup on Mondays, with position specifics and adjustments on Thursdays – based on practice efforts/appearances/form etc.

  • This is to encourage player participation throughout the week.

RULE 6: Recruiting is a top requirement for all players

  • We have business cards being created.

  • All players will keep 1-5 cards on them to hand out whenever they see a specimen of a man who we want on our team, or anyone else interested.

  • We will be implementing a youth league (most likely next summer)

  • All players will be required to help coach at least 1 practice

  • More to come

  • We agreed to assist in the recruiting efforts.

RULE 7: All players wear matching tops to warm up

RULE 8: Fighting in a match results in immediate pull, and sitting the next match.

**By attending practice and matches, all players agree to abide by these terms**

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